Cabinet – The Labour Party (2024)

The Cabinet is made up of Keir Starmer and his top team in Parliament.

Take a look at who they are and what they do.

Note: This page is currently being updated.


Cabinet – The Labour Party (17)

Richard Hermer KC*

Attorney General

Cabinet – The Labour Party (18)

Alan Campbell

Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet (Chief Whip)

Cabinet – The Labour Party (20)

Baroness (Angela) Smith

Lord Privy Seal, and Leader of the House of Lords

Labour’s Full Frontbench

Keir StarmerPrime Minister
Angela RaynerDeputy Prime Minister

Business and Trade

Jonathan ReynoldsSecretary of State for Business and Trade
Douglas AlexanderMinister of State
Sarah JonesMinister of State
Justin MaddersParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Gareth ThomasParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Baroness (Maggie) JonesParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Energy Security and Net Zero

Ed MilibandSecretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero
Sarah JonesMinister of State
Lord (Philip) HuntMinister of State
Kerry McCarthyParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Michael ShanksParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Miatta FahnbullehParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Cabinet Office

Pat McFaddenChancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Ellie ReevesMinister without Portfolio
Nick Thomas-SymondsPaymaster General and Minister for the Constitution and European Relations
Georgia GouldParliamentary Secretary
Abena Oppong-AsareParliamentary Secretary

Culture, Media and Sport

Lisa NandySecretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
Chris BryantMinister of State
Stephanie Peaco*ckParliamentary Under-Secretary of State


Bridget PhillipsonSecretary of State for Education
Jacqui Smith*Minister of State
Anneliese DoddsMinister for Women and Equalities
Catherine McKinnellMinister of State
Stephen MorganParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Janet DabyParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Steve ReedSecretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Daniel ZeichnerMinister of State
Emma HardyParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Baroness (Sue) HaymanParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

David LammySecretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs
Stephen DoughtyMinister of State
Catherine WestParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Lord (Ray) CollinsParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Health and Social Care

Wes StreetingSecretary of State for Health and Social Care
Karin SmythMinister of State
Stephen KinnockMinister of State
Andrew GwynneParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Baroness (Gillian) MerronParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Home Office

Yvette CooperHome Secretary
Dan JarvisMinister of State
Angela EagleMinister of State
Diana JohnsonMinister of State
David Hanson*Minister of State
Seema MalhotraParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Jess PhillipsParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Law Officers

Richard Hermer*Attorney General
Sarah SackmanSolicitor General

Leader of the House of Commons

Lucy PowellLeader of the House of Commons

Leader of the House of Lords

Baroness (Angela) SmithLeader of the House of Lords
Lord (Ray) CollinsDeputy Leader of the House of Lords

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Angela RaynerSecretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
Matthew PennycookMinister of State
Jim McMahonMinister of State
Alex NorrisParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Rushanara AliParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Baroness (Sharon) TaylorParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Lord (Wajid) KhanParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Ministry of Defence

John HealeySecretary of State for Defence
Lord (Vernon) CoakerMinister of State
Maria EagleMinister of State
Luke PollardParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Alistair CairnsParliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Minister for Veterans)

Ministry of Justice

Shabana MahmoodSecretary of State for Justice
James Timpson*Minister for Prisons, Parole and Probation
Heidi AlexanderMinister of State
Alex Davies-JonesParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Northern Ireland

Hilary Benn Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Fleur AndersonParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Science, Innovation and Technology

Peter KyleSecretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology
Patrick Vallance*Minister for Science
Chris BryantMinister of State
Feryal ClarkParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Baroness (Maggie) JonesParliamentary Under-Secretary of State


Ian MurraySecretary of State for Scotland
Kirsty McNeillParliamentary Under-Secretary of State


Louise HaighSecretary of State for Transport
Lord (Peter) HendyMinister of State
Simon LightwoodParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Lilian GreenwoodParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Mike KaneParliamentary Under-Secretary of State


Rachel ReevesChancellor of the Exchequer
Darren JonesChief Secretary
Lord (Spencer) LivermoreFinancial Secretary
James MurrayParliamentary Secretary (Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury)
Tulip SiddiqParliamentary Secretary (Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister)
Emma ReynoldsParliamentary Secretary


Jo StevensSecretary of State for Wales
Nia GriffithParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Work and Pensions

Liz KendallSecretary of State for Work and Pensions
Alison McGovernMinister of State
Stephen TimmsMinister of State
Emma ReynoldsParliamentary Secretary
Andrew WesternParliamentary Under-Secretary of State
Baroness (Maeve) SherlockParliamentary Under-Secretary of State

Whips – House of Lords

Baroness (Maggie) JonesGovernment Whip
Lord (Frederick) PonsonbyGovernment Whip
Lord (Ray) CollinsGovernment Whip
Baroness (Sharon) TaylorGovernment Whip

* Denotes confirmation of intention to confer peerage.

Cabinet – The Labour Party (2024)
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