Mergers and Acquisition Activity in Nonwovens (2024)

Merger and acquisition activity continues to be strong across the nonwovens supply chain as companies look to expand into new markets and new geographies. From the merger of two of Japan's largest nonwovens producers Mitsui Chemicals and Asahi Kasei, which will create a $400 million company, to Andritz's acquisition of airlaid Dan-Webforming in the machinery segment, these moves are creating nonwovens powerhouses globally. Meanwhile, within the end user categories, companies like Hospeco and Envoy Solutions have been acquiring smaller companies to expand their reach into new market areas, while Essity and Ontex, both hygiene manufacturers, have been divesting smaller, regional operations to more narrowly focus on growth areas.

Acquiring Company:Hygianis
Acquired Company:Ontex's Algerian operations
Date of Acquisition:April 2024

Comments:Ontex has sold its Algerian hygiene business including its production facility.

More information: Ontex Completes Divestment of Algerian Business____________________________________________________________________________
Acquiring Company:Ansell
Acquired Company:Kimberly-Clark Personal Protective Equipment
Date of Acquisition:April 2024 (announced)

Comments:Ansell has entered into an binding agreement to acquire 100% of the assets that Kimberly-Clark's personal equipment business for $640 million.

More information:Kimberly-Clark to Seel PPE Business____________________________________________________________________________

Acquiring Company:Isola Castle
Acquired Company:Vinda International (from Essity)
Date of Acquisition:March 2024

Comments:Essity has divested its entire 51.9%

More information:Essity Completes Divestment of Vinda Shares____________________________________________________________________________
Acquiring Company:Zuiko Corporation
Acquired Company:Delta S.r.l.
Date of Acquisition:February 2024 (announced)

Comments:Zuiko will purchase Delta, an Italian maker of hygiene machinery, to help grow its business beyond Japan and Asia.

More information: Zuiko Acquires Delta____________________________________________________________________________
Merging Company:Berry Global
Merging Company:Glatfelter
Date of Acquisition:February 2024 (announced)

Comments:Berry and Glatfelter formed a deal for Berry to spin-off and merger with Glatfelter, forming a new company, initially to be known as NewCo.

More information:Berry, Glatfelter Announce Merger____________________________________________________________________________
Acquiring Company:Accrol
Acquired Company:Severn Delta
Date of Acquisition:January 2024

Comments:Accrol, a U.K.-based tissue converter has acquired Severn Delta, a Somerset, U.K.-based manufacturer of wet wipes and laudry dryer sheets.

More information: Accrol Buys U.K. Maker of Wet Wipes and Dryer Sheets____________________________________________________________________________
Acquiring Company:LyondellBasel
Acquired Company:National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET)
Date of Acquisition:January 2024

Comments:LyondellBasell has agreed to buy a 35% stake in Saudi Arabia-based NATPET for approximately $500 million.

More information: LyondellBasel Buys Stake in NATPET
Acquiring Company:CODI Partners
Acquired Company:The Honey Pot
Date of Acquisition:January 2024

Comments:TheHoney Pot, an Atlanta, GA-based feminine hygiene manufacturer entered into a $380 million partnership with Compass Diversifed (CODI) Partners. The company will continue to be led by current management.

More information:The Honey Pot Partners with CODI Partners
Acquiring Company:Hildren Capital Management
Acquired Company:Hello Bello
Date of Acquisition:December 2023

Comments:Hildred, healthcare-focused private equity firm, purchased Hello Bello, the diaper brand founded by Kristin Bell and Dax Shephard.

More information: Hello Bellow Acquired by PE FIrm Hildred Capital Management

Acquiring Company:Isola Castle
Acquired Company:Vinda International
Date of Acquisition:December 2023 (proposed

Comments:Isola Castle made a pre-conditional bid for Vinda International. Vinda's key shareholder, Essity indicated it supports this offer.

More information:Isola Castle to Make Bid for Vinda International

Acquiring Company:Evergreen Hill Enterprises
Acquiring Company:Evergreen Hill Enterprises
Acquired Company:Mativ Engineered Papers Business
Date of Acquisition:December 2023

Comments:Mativ has sold its engineered papers business to Evergreen Hill Enterprises, a privately held group of diverse companies based in Singapore.

More information: Mativ Completes Sale of Engineered Papers Business

Acquiring Company:Clean Solutions Group
Acquired Company:HDK Industries
Date of Acquisition:November 2023

Comments:Clean Solutions, a group of environmentally responsible nonwoven filtration media and cleaning products, is purchasing HDK Industries, a leading producer of wire back and self-supporting media for air and liquid filtration materials.The HDK Industries brand will be consolidated into the Fibrix Filtration brand

More information: Clean Solutions Group Acquires HDK Industries
Acquiring Company:Hildred Capital Management
Acquired Company:Hello Bello
Date of Acquisition:October 2023

Comments:Hello Bello, a premium brand of affordable baby and family care products, will be acquired by Hildred Capital Management, a healthcare-focused private equity firm.

More information:Hello Bello to be Acquired by Private Equity Firm

Merging Company:Big Tree Cloud International Group
Merging Company:Plutonian Acquisition Group
Date of Merger:October 2023

Comments: Big Tree Cloud International, a Chinese producer of persoanl care and other consumer goods, has merged with Plutonian Acquisition Corp. to be operated under a holding entity named Big Tree Cloud Holdings. Big Tree Cloud's product lineup is largely comprised of feminine care items.

More information: Big Tree Cloud Enters Into Definitive Merger Agreement with Plutonian Acquisition Corp.


Acquiring Company: ASAIA Holding
Acquired Company: Ontex Pakistan Operations
Date of Acquisition: September 2023

Comments: Ontex Group NV, a leading European-based developer and manufacturer of hygiene products and solutions for retailers and healthcare, has agreed sell its business in Pakistan to ASAIA Holding FZ. The transaction includes Ontex’s plant and business in Pakistan.

More information: Ontex Divests Pakistan Operations

Acquiring Company: VPC Group
Acquired Company: Fibrix
Date of Acquisition: August 2023

Comments: VPC Group, a vertically integrated foam and fiber manufacturer, acquired Conover, NC-basedFibrix, a leader in the nonwovens business. This strategic acquisition will allow VPC to better serve its customer base across all product lines. The combined strengths, capabilities and overall footprint of the two companies, provide a positive outlook for increased market competitiveness and growth opportunities as well.

More information: VPC Group Acquires Fibrix


Acquiring Company: Mann + Hummel
Acquired Company: Suzhou U-Air Environmental Technology
Date of Acquisition: July 2023

Comments: Mann+Hummelis expanding its air filtration business through the acquisition of a majority stake in Suzhou U-Air Environmental Technology (“U-Air”). The Chinese filtration manufacturer, which is part of Zisun Technology Co., Ltd., provides high-quality air filtration products. The acquisition further strengthens Mann+Hummel's presence in China and Southeast Asia, and will also serve customers globally.

More information: Mann + Hummel to Acquire Chinese Filtration Manufacturer


Acquiring Company: Cornerstone/Kartesia
Acquired Company: Ecowipes
Date of Acquisition: July 2023

Comments: Private equity investors Cornerstone Investment Management and Karteisa
acquiredEcowipes, a leading European producer of bio-degradable wet wipes. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in both companies' strategic commitment to ESG investing. Ecowipes has an impressive track record of introducing ingenious products and is a pioneer in the field of producing biodegradable wet wipes made from sustainable natural materials with minimal environmental impact. The company has been an environmental and technological leader in the European wet wipes industry since 2011 and has built an excellent reputation for quality, sustainability, and innovation.

More information: Private Equity Firm Buys Ecowipes


Acquiring Company: Softys
Acquired Company: Ontex Mexican Operations
Date of Acquisition: June 2023

Comment: Ontex has sold its Mexican business activities to Softys, a personal hygiene company with operations across Latin America. The deal included a manufacturing site in Puebla, Mexico, a branded business in Mexico as well as related exports to regional markets. Ontex's Tijuana site was not affected.

More information: Ontex Sells Mexican Business


Acquiring Company: TWE Group
Acquired Company: Obeetee Textiles (joint venture)
Date of Acquisition: June 2023

Comments: TWE Group and Obeetee Textiles (OTL) have formed a strategic joint venture in which TWE and OTL, a leading manufacturer of nonwoven textiles in India, have entered into a 50:50 partnership. This joint venture will be named TWE OBT Private Limited. It involves investment in a new facility, located in India, dedicated to nonwovens products for the health and hygiene segment.

More information: TWE Group, Obeetee Textiles Form Joint Venture in India


Acquiring Company: New Technologies
Acquired Company: Essity Russian Operations
Date of Acquisition: July 2023

Comments: Essityexited the Russian market in July 2023 after selling its business to New Technologies. Sales in Russia represented about 2% of the company’s overall revenues.

More information: Essity Exits Russian Market


Acquiring Company: Andritz Group
Acquired Company: Dan-Webforming Technology
Date of Acquisition: June 2023

Comments: Dan-Webforming, a maker of turnkey airlaid production lines, joins the Andritz technology lineup which already includes spunlace, wetlace and other proprietary processes. Based in Denmark, Dan-Web engineers, designs and builds customized machines and turnkey plants to produce airlaid nonwovens for baby diapers, fem care, incontinence products, wipes and other applications.

More information: Andritz Buys Stake in Dan-Web


Acquiring Company: iCotton
Acquired Company: Hempress Hygienics
Date of Acquisition: June 2023

Comments: iCotton, a Latvian cotton-based products manufacturer, hasacquired the key assets ofHempress Hygienics Inc.(USA), including IP rights, trademarks and patents. The transaction sets iCotton footprint in the U.S. market in-line with its strategy aimed at producing natural fiber-based hygiene products sold in Europe and exported internationally.

More information:iCotton Buys Hempress Hygienics


Acquiring Company: Sviluppo Sostenibile
Acquired company: Magic
Date of Acquisition: May 2023

Comments: Sviluppo Sostenibile, a private equity fund specialized in investments in Italian SMEs and promoting ESG issues, managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR, a company of the Novara-based De Agostini Group, acquired a majority stake inMagic. Magic, founded in 1987, is a family-owned company based in Oleggio (NO) and active in producing and processing airlaid for a variety of applications.

More information:Private Equity Fund Acquires Majority Stake in Magic


Acquiring Company: Fine Hygienic Holding
Acquired Company: Easy Brands
Date of Acquisition: April 2023

Comments: Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), a manufacturer of hygiene paper products and long-term germ protection solutions, has acquired Easy Care for Cosmetics and New Easy for Cosmetics (together referred to as Easy), consumer goods companies based in Alexandria, Egypt.

More information:Fine Hygienic Holdings Acquires Easy Brands


Merging Company: Hospeco Brands Group
Merging Company: Monarch Brands
Date of Merger: April 2023

Comments: Hospeco Brands Group, has merged with withMonarch Brands, wholesalers and manufacturers of microfiber, commercial laundry linen, institutional textiles, and wiping products. The move dramatically expands Hospeco Brands Group’s offering of wiping solutions and microfiber and adds complementary new lines to an already robust product mix.

More information:Hospeco, Monarch Brands Announce Merger


Acquiring Company: Autoneum
Acquired Company: Borgers Automotives
Date of Acquisition: April 2023

Comments: Autoneumpurchased the automotive business of Borgers, to expand its global market leadership in sustainable acoustic and thermal management of vehicles. Autoneum now operates 67 production facilities worldwide and employs around 16,100 people in 24 countries.

More information:Autoneum Finalizes Acquisition of Borgers Automotives


Acquiring Company: Envoy Solutions
Acquired Company: GPMI
Date of Acquisition: March 2023

Comments: Envoy Solutions acquired two Arizona-based companies includingGPMI Company, a manufacturer of home care, automotive and disinfecting wipes, both branded and private labels. The company's products are sold to major retailers and to distributors in the consumer market across the country.

More information:Envoy Solutions Acquires Two Arizona Based Companies


Acquiring Company: Hospeco
Acquired Company: Innocore
Date of Acquisition: February 2023

Comments: Hospeco Brands Grouppurchased Innocore of Ontario, Canada, maker of Touch Point and Certainty Brands premoistened, nonwoven, surface and personal wipes, and other hand care products. The merger complements HBG’s wipes offering and expands the company’s North American footprint in the wipes market. The merger of the two companies is effective immediately.

More information: Hospeco Acquires Innocore


Acquiring Company: Regent L.P.
Acquired Company: Alkegen Thermal Acoustical Solutions Business
Date of Acquisition: February 2023

Comments:Alkegensold its Thermal Acoustical Solutions (TAS) business unit, which manufactures high performance acoustical and thermal management insulation components for the automotive and transportation industries, to Regent L.P. in February 2023. The divestment aligns with Alkegen’s long-term strategy to advance its growing portfolio of specialty materials dedicated to sustainability and human health.

More information: Alkegen to Sell Thermal Acoustical Solutions


Merging Company: Mitsui Chemicals
Merging Company: Asahi Kasei
Date of Merger: February 2023 (announced)

Comments: Mitsui Chemicals and Asahi Kasei formed a plan to form a new integrated company combining their nonwovens businesses with a tentative start date in late 2023. This plan will be carried out through a corporation-type demerger enabling the establishment of the new integrated company pending the approval of authorities in Japan and Thailand, where the two companies have operations. The new company will be known as Mitsui Chemicals Asahi Life Materials.

More information: Mitsui Chemicals and Asahi Kasei to Combine Nonwovens Businesses


Acquiring Company: Mann + Hummel
Acquired Company: M Filter Group
Date of Acquisition: January 2023

Comments: The Mann+Hummel Group has invested in M-Filter Group, one of the largest filter manufacturing companies in Northern and Eastern Europe with several production facilities in Finland and Lithuania. Since 1962, the company has specialized in different areas of filtration, including air ventilation filters, HEPA filters and oil/hydraulic filters for engines. While the brand Filterpak will complement Mann+Hummel's existing portfolios in commercial and residential HVAC, M-Filter will stand for a strong input in the OEM products for industrial and engine filtration.

More information: Mann + Hummel Invests in M-Filter Group

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Mergers and Acquisition Activity in Nonwovens (2024)
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