Sheet-Pan Miso Chicken With Radishes and Lime Recipe (2024)



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This whole meal had surprising depth for the little amount of work that went into it. We added a pound of new potatoes to the sheet pan with the radishes and gave them a slightly longer cook time (pulled the chicken out when they came up to temp of course). The potatoes, when roasted in the chicken fat and sprinkled with flaky salt and fresh cracked black pepper, were to die for. I also recommend using foil on your sheetpan as cleanup was a cinch.


Can this be done with chicken breasts? What modifications would make it tasty?


This was great! Followed recipe without change. Next time would cut all radishes into smaller parts or add sooner. They tasted better more cooked and very soft. Lime was key to flavor depth. Yum!!


I used boneless, skinless breasts because that's what I had in the fridge. It was fantastic. I shortened the cooking time by about ~7 min. Great recipe.


But... then you didn't make this recipe at all. Sounds delicious still.


I spatchco*cked a whole chicken and followed the rest of the directions. Delicious.


The chicken was good -- nice and crispy -- but the roasted radishes were a lot less interesting than I thought they'd be. Live & learn. Also, you'll probably need to double the amount of the butter/miso mixture, I don't know how they think such a small amount is supposed to do that much work.


This is SUCH a great dish. The miso and green onion give you that miso soup feel, but the addition of the lime and the sesame seeds takes this to a different taste planet. I just couldn't put my finger on it, but the combination of flavours were subtle and delicious.


This recipe is fabulous but be warned - pouring olive oil onto the chicken directly onto the sheet pan will cause a ton of smoke to occur when cooking. Preferably, lay down some tin foil on the sheet pan and brush the olive oil on the chicken without getting it on the pan.


Really wonderful! After reading these notes, I doubled the miso butter and cut the radishes into smaller pieces. I also spatchco*cked a whole chicken rather than using just the thighs, as some in our family like only white meat. I will definitely make this again.

Andrea R.

I had boneless skinless thighs so I used the miso ghee mixture as the glue for a Panko/seasoned regular breadcrumb mixture on top. Shortened Cook time by 5-10 mins. Turned out crunchy and tasty!


This combined many ingredients I love - chicken thighs, radishes and white miso. I would mix more miso and butter, make sure your radishes are super fresh and new or they will require more roasting. Because I had hakurei turnips from my CSA I added them and they were delish!! This whole recipe needed additional roasting time with my ingredients. The scallions added nothing nor did the sesame seeds. In all, very good - just a few tweaks.


Put the radish in with the chicken so it cooks fully and browns. As the recipe calls for the radish came out watery and a little squishy. It was much better with the longer cooking time.

Joy M

I found this to be quite bland. I much prefer Sam Sifton's Miso Chicken recipe, which is very similar but calls for much more miso and butter (in fact, a little too much). The one thing I liked about this recipe was the lime juice. I'm going to try this again, using an amount of miso somewhere between the two recipes, and lime in place of rice vinegar.


Chicken was great, radishes were ok. Served over rice. Would roast half potato half radish next time


One of the most outstanding chicken thighs I’ve made in ages

sweet and savory?

This didn't work for me. Not enough miso flavor. Also hard to get the paste to stick to the chicken. More miso, perhaps with a melted butter or oil base to baste it. The radishes also did not seem to compliment well. Radishes work better with pork or beef as a lighter flavor versus those heavy meats. Without more miso flavor, the radishes were bland. The green onions and sesame were only visual in effect.

Maria B

Wow, incredibly good! I added potatoes to the sheet pan and served over sautéed spinach. Will definitely be making again. Maybe tomorrow.


This is a go-to recipe for us—it never fails to make us happy. I use 1 1/2 times the butter and miso, cut large radishes in half (some stems left on), and sprinkle togarashi seasoning on the thighs and in the radish mixture for some welcome heat. Everything else as called for by the recipe. YUM!


should add fish sauce and ginger to miso butteralso cut up and salt radishes and add at beginning

Edie Harding

One of the worst meals I have ever made and I read the comment section thoroughly to get ideas for making it better before I prepared it. Roasted radishes are just plain bland. Miso butter (lots more of it) can help this dish a bit.


This recipe is a great starting point for a "use up your CSA vegetables" meal--just make enough miso butter to cover all the veg and you're good to go. We always use radishes, but have added carrots, potatoes, onions, and leeks, each of which worked great.

david shepherd

Very good recipe, and a good basis for some experimentation. Added a lotta garlic gloves with the radishes (as others have noted, add these right at the start of the roast). Next time, ginger, too, in some form. Brussels sprouts, potatoes... bok choy, maybe? radishes (fresh-picked) were ok, but not astonishing. Overall, well worth the effort.


Holy moly. This was so easy and might be one of the best recipes I’ve ever executed at home. WOW!


This is a nice recipe. Added baby turnips and carrots to the radishes, cut smaller per notes. Lime juice and scallions really help, sesame seeds are nice but didn’t seem to add to the flavor. Would make again.


This dish looks great on a platter... a good dinner party recipe. But falls a bit flat. It needs much more spice than is prescribed.I added extra miso (both red and white together); cooked the radishes the whole time to roast them, and added extra lime juice, too.But i suggest adding a lot of lime zest; much more salt to get the radishes to flavor, and anything in your cupboard to give it a kick.


Used red miso because that’s what i had, and it was amazing. Only had 1/2 lb of radishes so added 1/2 lb carrots and onions - so nice. I removed the ckn at temp, but left the vegs in for an additional 10 minutes. Very nice meal. savory, not bland.


Just made this tonight and added extra miso and butter per the reviews and honestly, kind of blah. The chicken tasted boiled, the radishes were okay. not a winner for us at all.


Great recipe. Next time, I will double the miso ghee mixture because it rules, but otherwise, this was delightful.


Approved by all three of us, toddler included. I added diced potatoes and used kippendijen. Baked 10 min at 230C and then added radishes, another 9 min.

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Sheet-Pan Miso Chicken With Radishes and Lime Recipe (2024)
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