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When you take a long drive, what vehicles do you notice? Are you seeing the minivans and SUVs full of families, the sedans with older couples or young families, or the vehicles filled with friends on the way to a special event? When I look around at who else is on the road, I tend to look at specific models because of my experience and memories with them. One such vehicle is the Jeep Grand Cherokee—my family favored Jeeps and trucks primarily, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee was big enough for the whole family with additional cargo space to boot.

I appreciate Jeeps because they’re versatile, with plenty of room for outdoor equipment, passengers, and whatever else is necessary for the trip. They handle well in all different types of weather and, when well taken care of, can last for many, many years. I also love the Jeep Grand Cherokee in particular because not only does it drive well, it’s practical and looks great. The Jeep legacy is one of durability and uniqueness, and it’s why I plan on looking for another Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale when I look for my next vehicle.

Heated Seats All Around

I notice when a Jeep Grand Cherokee is nearby; its clean lines, classic silhouette, and versatility always turn heads. The 2024 model is no exception, and while I appreciate the entirety of the vehicle, there are some features that I’m excited about the most, from tech to comfort and convenience to safety. One of the things I most look forward to is having heated front and rear seats. Driving in my corner of the US (Colorado, to be exact), you never know what the weather will be. One day, it’ll be below freezing; the next, it’s a balmy sixty.

Being able to warm up after walking through rain or snow, no matter which seat you get into, is a huge bonus for those who live in colder climates or deal with cold weather at least part of the year. The kids won’t have to shiver and shake in the back seat, and I can get warm and cozy on the drive home, no matter the time of year. Going home for the holidays, driving up to a cabin in the woods for Christmas, or taking a turn off the beaten path to discover new views is much more comfortable when you’re able to stay warm.

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The Sounds of Summer

While I don’t need every single feature available, there are a few that I’ll want every time—with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s the 19-speaker sound system from McIntosh. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, McIntosh makes some of the best high-end audio equipment in the world. Listening to the radio is one thing, but if you want to truly experience what it’s like to have a private concert or chat with your favorite podcaster, you need to experience the McIntosh sound system.

I love listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and my carefully curated playlists in the car. I’ll sing along with whatever musical or rock band I’m obsessed with at the moment, re-listen to some of my favorite books, and catch up with my favorite podcasts whenever I get the chance. With the McIntosh system, I could have an experience unlike any other. If you love your tunes and talk radio, it’s high time to invest in a quality sound system, and you can’t do better than the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s McIntosh system.

There’s Cool Air, and Then There’s Cool, Filtered Air

While it might not be as exciting to you, the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s air system is something I covet. As a kid, I ran through our backyard, climbed trees, played in the creek, and spent quite a lot of time wandering through the woods. There were always mosquitoes, clouds of pollen, and other undesirable things in the air. The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the perfect convenience feature for summer journeys, and it will also keep the air pure and clean with dual-zone front air conditioning, an air filter, and a rear HVAC.

Traveling is a much more pleasant experience when you’ve got clean air to breathe, and it’s a life-changing miracle for those who are allergic to part or all of the outdoors. Spring allergies could be lessened, and you might find cooler heads have prevailed—at least in the form of air conditioning. It might seem like a little thing, but if you grew up anywhere near the woods or had an old car where the air conditioning didn’t work very well, pure, crisp air would sound like heaven, especially after a day at the lake or on the long drive home from the campground.

And at Last, I See the Light

Growing up, I often found myself in the car, being driven to music lessons, softball practice, and on family vacations. I didn’t have any electronics until I was older, so I typically carried a few books with me wherever we went. You never knew when you would need something to peruse while waiting for your siblings’ music lessons to be over, or on the way home from softball practice. I would have given almost anything to have light to read by—I had to content myself with holding up my book to read by headlights, stoplights, and streetlights. Fortunately, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a solution to my lighting problem—interior ambient lighting.

Interior ambient lighting has been improved upon over the last few years to a stunning effect. You’ll never lose your glasses, phone, or bag again. You’ll also find other uses for ambient lighting—a gentle glow to help guide you to your seat, a comforting nightlight for the little ones as they fall asleep on the way home from the grandparents’ house, and when you want to watch a movie at the drive-in but also need to see where your snacks are.

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Take the Grand Cherokee for a Whirl

Whether you’re interested in the light off-road capabilities of the Jeep Grand Cherokee or you’ve been wanting something refined and rugged, you’ll love the 2024 Grand Cherokee just as much as I do. I grew up in a family of Jeep-loving enthusiasts, and I’ll tell you, that excitement never really wears off. Each model year brings surprises, cutting-edge tech, and plenty of features to look forward to. If you’ve never had the chance to test out the Grand Cherokee, it’s high time you did. I recommend visiting your local dealership and asking to test drive one of the higher trim levels so that you can get the full experience.

I love the Jeep brand and the memories I’ve made in several Grand Cherokees over the years. They’re comfortable, cool, and dependable, which is exactly what you want from a vehicle that happily straddles the line between on- and off-road. Trust me, once you’ve stepped inside a Grand Cherokee and you can feel how it drives, you’re not going to want anything else—you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view from the perfectly situated Jeep Grand Cherokee, no matter where you are. If comfort is at the top of your list as you look for a new vehicle, you owe it to yourself to check out this exceptional SUV.

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Some of My Favorite Features on the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee - AutoInfluence (2024)
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