St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (2024)

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (1)

Looking for a festive way to involve the whole family in a fun St. Patrick's Day celebration? Why not dress everyone up as leprechauns and attend a parade or dance together? We have leprechaun costumes for adults and kids, even for infants and toddlers too! You'll all be voted best dressed when your family arrives dressed in leprechaun outfits!

Men's Irish Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (2)

Enjoy your St. Patty's Day gathering in high style with this Irish Leprechaun suit for men. It includes a vest with a clever four-leaf clover pattern and a jacket with dramatic long tails. You'll look so convincing you might have people hounding you to reveal the location of your pot o' gold! Just direct them to the end of their nearest rainbow.

Women's Lucky Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (3)

The adorable green pleated skirt and cropped jacket with this exclusive Lucky Leprechaun costume for women is perfect for a family-friendly party as well as some of the adults only parties you'll attend later in the evening! The cute polka dot top has adjustable straps for a secure fit and the top hat pins to your hair. If anyone is asking where you keep your treasure, just reply that YOU are the treasure. Obviously.

Boy's Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (4)

Will the people around you even be able to watch the parade with this handsome Leprechaun boy charming them in his cute green suit? It's hard to say, but be prepared to have this little man recruited to wave from a float!

Girls' Lucky Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (5)

Even if she doesn't have the tiniest bit of Irish heritage in her, this Lucky Leprechaun costume for girls will help her look Irish at least for a day! This costume includes a little hand bag for her to keep her goodies in that says "Irish cutie" in gold stitching on the side. You won't find anyone who will dispute that label!

Men's St. Patrick's Day Costume Guide

Some of us have a few spare gold pieces to spend on a costume, and some of us do not, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a rainbow of St. Patrick's Day fun! We carry a bunch of different kinds of festive costumes, so we made a handy guide for all you lads looking to transform yourselves into a rollicking, limericking Leprechaun.

Deluxe Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (6)

Our favorite Leprechaun costume is a combination of our green tuxedo, with an added hat, green tux shoes, and red beard. We can almost guarantee that you'll be the best looking lad in the pub while you're wearing this Leprechaun outfit. Dance a fancy jig? Forget about it! You'll be a St Paddy's Day legend forever.

Lucky Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (7)

Our second favorite look comes complete; all you need to add is a nice pair of pants and our pilgrim buckles to go over your own shoes. This one is perfect for the smooth talking Leprechaun, the guy who wants to hang back and play it cool at the bar until the wee hours of the night, celebrating the life of that dear old Saint Pat.

High-Quality Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (8)

We love this Leprechaun! Not only is it at a good price that doesn't require forking over a whole pot of gold, but it's also a high quality Leprechaun outfit.. It has the perfect hue of grassy green, and isn't so expensive you'd be frantic if you spilled some green beer all over it. We added our buckles for the shoes, but other than that, all you need is your own stein!

Budget Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (9)

Some of us just want to dress up and go out and have fun and not worry about what we're wearing too much. If a wild Irish pub crawl is your main goal this St. Patrick's Day, this might be the costume you want to wear. Spill nacho cheese on it? Get the pants muddy? Who cares! Go have fun, ya wacky Leprechaun.

Women's St. Patrick's Day Costume Guide

Just like the lads, we thought the lasses should have a handy guide to our St. Patrick's Day costumes! We have options from lovely dresses to an affordable yet spiffy t-shirt. And, of course, they're all green. We're sure you'll find a Leprechaun costume that brings out your inner Irish gal.

Women's St. Patrick's Day Costume

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (10)

We can't really promise it, but we wouldn't doubt if someone jumps up in a spontaneous session of karaoke to sing you a proper Irish ballad once they see you walk into the pub. This is one of our loveliest Leprechaun costumes, and features a gold vest with little shamrock buttons. Here a few tips, add a green petticoat for a full skirt and be sure to add our tights and shoe buckles to complete the look.

Sexy Leprechaun Costume

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (11)

You really only need one thing when you're out on the town for St. Paddy's Day. Something green, a shamrock, and a big mug of green brew. Wait, that's three things! You need three things, then. Our affordable Leprechaun dress is a great way to be green, and it even has shamrocks on it already. Now all you need is some dyed brew!

Green Flapper Costume

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (12)

What, a flapper on St. Patrick's Day? Why not! It's really just a big party anyway, and you're guaranteed to see another Leprechaun out there on your pub crawl. So, if you plan on doing some dancing come March seventeenth, there's no better choice than our shiny green flapper here. Add our glitter green shoes, because you can never have too much green on St. Paddy's.

Green Tuxedo T-Shirt

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (13)

If you want to dress up but you don't want the kind of commitment that a costume requires, one of our St. Patrick's Day t-shirts is the way to go. This one here is bright green and will make you look just like a dressed up, dapper 'lil Leprechaun, printed shamrock and all! We added one of our costume bowler hats, and liked the result. We think you will too when you go out in this emerald ensemble.

St. Patrick's Day Couple Ideas

When you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the first thing you've got to do is dress in something green, lest ye be pinched mercilessly. The shade of green should be as close to a shamrock as possible. If you have the means to station yourself beneath a natural gleaming rainbow, that's all the better. Got a pot of gold? You'll need that too. But you're not done yet! No Leprechaun should face the day alone, so you need a date for the pub crawl, or the limerick contest, or the annual pouring of emerald green dye into the river. We put our Leprechaun caps on and came up with these gorgeous couples costume ideas for St. Patrick's Day. We hope they help you have a shamrockin' good time, and get you enormously lucky!

Luck O' the Irish

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (14)

Leprechauns are quite dapper, despite their typical illustration of being crazy, maniacal, red-haired menaces These two costumes are labeled the Lucky Lass and the Lucky Lad, and they look quite sophisticated, yet ready to party. There's nothing wrong with being classy on St. Patrick's Day. Sip that green beer, good sir! When someone comments on the shine radiating from your boot buckles reply in your best Irish accent, "Slainte!"

They're after me Lucky Charms!

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (15)

Leprechauns only come out around St. Patrick's Day, right? No, that's just not true! You can enjoy a Leprechaun's treasures all year round when you pour yourself a big bowl of Lucky Charms cereal! Stars, moons, balloons, horseshoes, rainbows, hearts, pots of gold... they're all here. Lucky here seems overjoyed that he was paired up with a lovely rainbow, and together, they're magically delicious, just like the cereal. The only problem with wearing this ensemble is that you'll have people coming up to you constantly pretending that they're after your 'lucky charms.' We recommend you make little baggies of marshmallow bits to hand out, just so they'll leave you alone. On the plus side, you'll probably make their St. Patrick's Day that much more special.

St. Patrick's Day Accessories Guide

If there's a day for feeling lucky it's probably St. Patrick's Day. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try and max out your luck potential with as many green hats, glasses, and shamrock laden paraphernalia that you can fit on your person! This guide should help you find our most lucky products. You won't find anything better out there, unless you somehow come across a green rabbit's foot stolen from a Leprechaun sleeping beneath a double rainbow. If that hasn't happened to you, then you've come to the right place!

Green Top Hat

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (16)

Any self-respecting Leprechaun wouldn't be caught (for those magical rainbow powers of gold-conjuration) but they especially wouldn't be caught without their top hat! Tell everyone the epic story of the time you took the hat from the King of the Leprechauns!

Green Glitter Shoes

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (17)

Taking part in an Irish jig or two? These glitter green shoes are a MUST. They go with our green flapper costume, or our Leprechaun costumes for women. The only problem is that they're SO eye-catching, you'll be telling the lads, "Hey, my face is up here!"

St. Patrick's Day Glasses

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (18)

Not a natural redhead, or can't grow a respectable mustache? No problem! We got these McLucky Shades for folks like you. The frames are bright green (and even glow in the dark!) and give you a hilarious, yet classy mustache.

Men's Pilgrim Shoes

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (19)

Okay, yes, you got us. It's true that these shoes were made for pilgrim costumes, but they have that great buckle on the front that's perfect for a Leprechaun. They're perfect for March, but hang on to them to use again in November!

Shamrock Glasses

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (20)

Ever heard that old adage about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? When it's St. Patrick's Day, it is more than appropriate to see the world through a couple of shamrocks! Too bad they don't work as gold detection goggles, but they do have UV protection.

St. Patrick's Day Hat & Beard

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (21)

This hat looks suspiciously like the one the Pope wears. It also comes with a long green beard, which, the last time we checked, is not what the Pope wears. Either way, we're pretty sure that your St. Patrick's Day will be quite blessed when you wear this fun accessory.

Other Green Costumes

If you aren’t into traditional St. Patrick’s Day costumes, that’s okay! We’ve still got you covered. To avoid the dreaded St. Patty’s Day pinch, you will need something green to wear before you head out to celebrate the luck of the Irish. Not down for wearing a leprechaun costume like everyone else? Consider a different approach this year with famous green characters, even if they’re probably not Irish.

St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (22)

According to Kermit the Frog, it’s not easy being green, but we tend to disagree. Contrary to Kermit’s belief, there are plenty of green characters out there who do stand out in a crowd. Take the Hulk for example – does he blend in anywhere? Whether you want to go all out and be covered in green from head to toe or you are looking to be a bit more subtle with your St. Patrick's Day costume ideas, we have even more green costumes that are sure to make it easy being green this St. Patrick’s Day!

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St. Patrick's Day Costumes & Outfits (2024)


How do you dress for St Paddys Day? ›

Wear green St. Patrick's Day outfits, or go all-out with a leprechaun costume. You can even find some simple St. Paddy's Day accessories to help you get the perfect look this year!

What do people wear during St Patrick's Day? ›

One legend suggests that wearing green on St. Patric's Day makes the wearer invisible to leprechauns. The tiny red-bearded fairies of Irish folklore supposedly roam around pinching those who've chosen clothing of another hue.

What Colour do Irish people wear on St Patricks Day? ›

Even though green is now associated with St. Patrick, the members of Ireland's St. Patrick's Cathedral Choir still wear the color blue on their robes. And some even choose to wear orange on St.

Who is supposed to wear orange on St Patrick's Day? ›

The color green is the Irish Catholic tradition, but not all Irish citizens are Catholic. Some are Protestant. Protestants wear orange to honor William of Orange, the Protestant king who overthrew Roman Catholic King James II in the Glorious Revolution in 1688.

What colors can you not wear on St Patrick's Day? ›

Both green and orange are represented in the Irish flag to illustrate the peaceful coexistence of Catholics and Protestants, so both green and orange could be considered St. Patrick's Day colors. But you still probably shouldn't wear orange, as it represents loyalty to the English.

Are you not supposed to wear red on St Patrick's Day? ›

The anti-green color is Orange. Green is for Catholics, Orange for Protestants. In the context of St Patrick's day, Red means nothing at all, though red used to be the color of the international workers movement, coopted by the Communist Party.

Is it OK to not wear green on St Patrick's Day? ›

According to the tradition, if you are not wearing green and therefore visible to the leprechauns, a leprechaun may wind up pinching you. From there, people began pinching those not wearing green as a painful reminder of what a leprechaun would do to them should they happen upon one.

Is it OK to wear white on St Patrick's Day? ›

Therefore, on St. Patrick's Day, Protestants protest by wearing orange instead of green. Ironically, no one wears white; the placement of the white stripe between the green and orange stripes on the Irish flag is supposed to symbolize the peace between the Roman Catholic majority and the Protestant minority.

What are traditional Irish clothes? ›

Women wear long dresses, most often depicted in white and green, while men wear modest-colored hats with a small brim in the front, called flat caps, along with kilts, referred to as men's dresses. Irish attire involves using many layers, whether a vest or a scarf.

Is it OK to wear orange in Ireland? ›

It is a very simple question and I will give a very simple answer. Orange clothes like any other types of colors are freely worn here. We do not discriminate against colors.

What does it mean if you wear orange on St Patrick's Day? ›

Some are Protestant. While the Irish Catholic tradition is associated with the color green, Protestants associate with the color orange because of William of Orange, the Protestant king who overthrew Roman Catholic King James the second in the Glorious Revolution.

Why is there no orange on St Patrick's Day? ›

What does wearing orange on St. Patrick's Day mean? - Quora. In the Republic of Ireland, it really doesn't mean anything. Green is traditionally associated with Irish nationalism and orange with unionism/loyalism, but most people in the ROI don't take that kind of thing seriously.

Is orange a bad color to wear on St. Patrick's Day? ›

You can wear what you like on St Patrick's Day. Green is not obligatory, on that day or any other. Don't forget that orange is one of our national colours, as it is on the tricolour - signifying peace between the two traditions.

What was Saint Patrick's favorite color? ›

The colour blue's association with Saint Patrick dates from the 1780s, when it was adopted as the colour of the Anglo-Irish Order of St Patrick. The term refers to a sky blue used by the Order of St Patrick, often confused in Ireland with a darker, rich blue.

What do shamrocks symbolize? ›

While trying to convert the Irish into Christians, St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity with each leaf representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three leaves of a shamrock are also said to stand for faith, hope and love. A fourth leaf is where we get the luck from.

Do you wear green or on St Patricks Day? ›

According to the tradition, if you are not wearing green and therefore visible to the leprechauns, a leprechaun may wind up pinching you. From there, people began pinching those not wearing green as a painful reminder of what a leprechaun would do to them should they happen upon one.

How to look cute on St Patty's Day? ›

Go all out with matching accessories or opt for cute white mules and a matching clutch bag for shamrockin' on the dancefloor. Not too keen on the idea of a bright green, mini St Patrick's day dress? A more casual oversized shirt dress can be just as much of a lucky charm… quite literally.

Will you wear green for St Patrick's Day? ›

Hence, on St. Patrick's Day every year, celebrants don shades of green, the color of the shamrock. Particularly in the U.S, St. Patrick's Day celebrations have become increasingly popular, with the tradition of donning green now a symbol of unity and support for, and within, Irish culture and heritage.

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